(Português do Brasil) A retomada do Turismo na Flórida, por Cris Muniz

Much is speculated about how the resumption of post-pandemic tourism will be and what to expect from this new normal. Funny how our perception of things always changes. I particularly think this is a positive thing.

Early in the pandemic, I thought that the resumption would be slower and more difficult, as people were afraid to leave the house and take risks since everything was very recent. Time passed and things changed, new security protocols emerged, we learned to live with the virus and gradually things started to improve.

Today, I believe that this resumption will be much faster and more gradual. It is not new that Florida is the most visited destination by Brazilians who suffered from the impact of the pandemic and the closing of borders. Theme parks, hotels, restaurants, shops, entire chains damaged. However, as the months go by, we adapt, we implement safety protocols such as wearing a mask and adequate physical distance, and we incorporate new behaviors into our daily lives.

Since the implementation of the 3 phases for the reopening of Florida, a lot has been changing. Now, in the last phase, the maximum occupancy allowed in bars and restaurants, for example, is already the total occupancy of the establishment.

The next step would be to increase the number of visitors to the theme parks (to 100% occupancy) and thus gradually allow international tourists to enter the country and, consequently, the state. As Florida is a destination that thrives mainly on tourism, the role of restaurants, airports, opportunity to play megaways not on gamstop, hotels, theme parks, bars and all places and establishments that receive tourists, it is clear that all security measures and precautions have been taken and that are ready to welcome visitors with open arms. It is very important that people feel safe. A lot of people, like me, have their suitcase ready at their doorstep just waiting for the president to release the border to embark for the happiest destination on the planet! Now it’s time to wait, cheer and then, have a good trip!