Imaginadora knows that events are powerful tools and relationship, customer attainment and retention drivers. It is your business talking directly to your target audience. A valuable moment. You cannot miss it. It is a “live show”.
How to draw the best format or strategy? What dynamics could work? Should you hire a lecturer or an animator? Seminary or dinner? And is the location relevant? What if no one shows up at your event? How to attract the guest?
Solutions and techniques are the business and passion of Imaginadora Eventos. A team of meeting designers, journalists, producers, content curators, artistic directors, set designers and much more is ready to design amazing events. You bet so!
We literally travel the world researching amazing forms and contents of events. It’s our fun!

Our day to day is about doing:

  • Event Formats: what works best for your strategy
  • “Speaker Hunting”: we will go after the “wow” lecturer. It could be a chieftain of a tribe or even a startup creator or a media celebrity. People rule the roost.
  • Content Curatorship: we create and harmonize themes and participants. In this sense, having global culture and knowledge makes a difference.
  • Production: scenography, entertainments, choice of venue, call, gastronomy, reception, ceremonial, and everything else that the accomplishment of an event needs. We make it happen!
  • Full direction: during the event, our customer takes care of your customer. And we take care of him and look after the direction of all the steps. Nothing escapes!
  • That Special Touch: we do not tell anyone the secret, but we can say that all the events by Imaginadora surprise all by something unusual!

“But how did you create this?”

They say, admired by the quality or innovation.

“It could only be Imaginadora!”

We were happy, of course.

Can we imagine and hold your next event?

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