Destination Marketing

To self promote in international markets, destinations, hotels, DMC’s, parks and other tourism services need to create strategies and personalized actions that make sense for each location, respecting their customs and culture. In addition, it is more than desirable to have a relationship with the market leaders and to know with whom to speak in airlines, media, operators, agencies and so on, knowing decision-makers very well.

Okay, international marketing strategists know that! But how to create actions that work in Brazil, Argentina or Chile?

How to communicate with distributors, know the buying preferences of travelers and encourage operators to disclose their destination? Who to invite? These are challenges of those who act globally.

Imaginadora has set up a team of experts, who act as real representatives of destinations or international tourism companies. We have created a solid foundation in knowledge, results and physical structure to act on behalf of our customers, with credibility, intelligence and innovation.

Trade marketing

  • Scheduled meetings with key players from the main markets
  • Consistent Recommendation of Distribution Channels and Potential Markets
  • Business missions and roadshows
  • Face-to-face training
  • Online Training – Webinar’s own tool
  • Logistics and distribution of promotional material
  • Market Behavior Survey for Investors
  • Partnerships with airlines, hotels, associations
  • Newsletter
  • Events
  • Famtours
  • Tradeshows organization and selection
  • Translations
  • Legal and accounting advice for opening a business in Brazil
  • Database

End Consumer

  • Media plan – recommendation and purchase of the most efficient means of communication
  • Social media – content creation and campaign management
  • Results and analytics management
  • Institutional relations / co-branding
  • Promotion and contest
  • Events
  • Loyalty program
  • Survey

Public Relations

  • Presstrips
  • Events
  • Social media monitoring
  • Special projects with celebrities and influencers
  • Brand Placement Strategies
  • Crisis management
  • Press relationship management

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