Public Relations

The digital world has brought endless opportunities to grow business, network relationships and position brands.
But how to develop the best Public Relations strategies to talk to influencers, the press, customers, and – more importantly – how to be relevant and creative?
We know these are the major needs of large, medium and small businesses.
Especially tourism companies. Imaginadora understands a lot about RP strategies and the travel market.

This is how we create and think of Public Relations strategies

  • Development of partnerships and relationship with opinion formers
  • Creating opportunities and content that manage multi-media exposure with a single investment
  • Measurement of results beyond the average amount, including people reached, content engagement and relevance
  • Brand humanization through individual actions with influencers

Press Office – Speaking with Journalists

  • Elaboration of specific agendas
  • Submission of press release – vehicle mailings organized by niches
  • Action Exposure Report
  • Media training
  • Crisis management

Social media

  • Engagement strategies
  • Producing content for social media, blogs, newsletters
  • Monitoring
  • Measuring results

Influencers – Different Language and Approach

  • Profile study of influencers to the brand
  • Target audience study
  • Presentations and meetings with influencers
  • Relationship actions
  • Partnerships with press vehicles

Special projects

  • Press Events
  • Presstours
  • Partnerships with media companies, airlines, hotels, tourism attractions, associations and other action partners through orders
  • Actions with celebrities
  • Consumer promotions
Does it make any sense?
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