Imaginadora’s education vertical is dedicated to inspiring and innovating new business and best practices in Tourism. Imaginadora School was created in 2015 and, since then, we have addressed several topics that are relevant to the sector, such as: “Designing Thinking: Overcoming Tourism Challenges,” “How to Sell Travel Using the Art of Storytelling,” and FULLTURISMO with technologies such as: Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning among others.
Our meetings take place during the year in places that are always unusual and inspiring.

What we have already done

Events and workshops with Tourism entrepreneurs. Join one of the fastest growing segments in the world in an innovative way.

Selling trips using the art of storytelling

Big data: an opportunity generator for your company

Niche tourism and online initiatives that influence traveler buying behavior

Benchmark: learn new ideas and opportunities to endeavor in tourism

Digital: How do I stand out from the competition?

Hóspede 3.0: get to know what you are looking for, where you are and how to attract you

The future of tourism has come! But where is it distributed?

Design thinking: overcoming the challenges of tourism (1st edition)

Design thinking: overcoming the challenges of tourism (2nd edition)

Fullturismo 1st meeting – virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed realities

Fullturismo 2nd meeting – artificial intelligence, chatbots and deep learning

Fullturismo 3rd meeting – biotech and biohacking

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