Fazenda Capoava: Gestão de Marketing Digital

The Capoava Farm, located in Itu is part of the “Routes of Charm” and combines the elegance and charm of the countryside for unforgettable moments to its guests.
We had the challenge of reinforcing the brand in the B2C and B2B markets, focusing on the end consumer and companies looking for hosting and space for social and corporate events.
The enterprise was not aware of the metrics and KPIs of its digital environments and had a website that had usability problems when used via mobile.
We manage all Digital Marketing, with a total focus on reach, performance, conversion and business.

Using tools such as SWOT Analysis, collective construction of people and Canvas for an Amount Proposal, a strategic digital plan was set up, focusing on the acquisition of qualified leads, loyalty and relationship.
Throughout 2018, actions were taken to:
– A new, responsive and conversational site
– Disclosure of Capoava Farm in the digital environment using Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business
– SEO Optimization
– Relationship, monitoring and SAC 2.0
– Outbound Marketing Campaigns
– Relationship and loyalty through targeted email marketing campaigns
– Creation of processes and cultures of metrics and KPIs in every consumer journey

Today, the implemented metrics show the management how much the digital environment (site + networks + reserve engine) contribute in terms of percentage in the total amount of reserves and revenues. This comprehension helps one to understand opportunities and seasonalities in all environments, allowing to create strategies that are appropriate to each specific moment. They also contribute to understanding which vehicles and channels provide greater conversion and which ones enable an easier recognition of the Farm in the digital environment.
The website’s audience has grown 200% since it began to be measured and the organic outreach has grown, enabling the Farm to be ahead of its direct competitors. Digital campaigns have generated more and more qualified leads, which are nurtured and stimulated via targeted email marketing, increasing loyalty.