Rodobens incentive in Santiago (Chile) and Gramado (Brazil)


Creatively apply the concept of the “Elements of Success” Campaign in the programming of the two Incentive Trips: Santiago (Chile) for Platinum Award recipients and Diamante and Gramado (Brazil) for Gold Award recipients.


Take advantage of the unique experiences of each destination to build programming with actions based on the four elements and their meanings: water (Innovation), air (Customer), fire (Delivery) and earth (Partnership).

Take care of each phase of the experience of the winners in the smallest detail, from communication to the winner to the return, always reinforcing the concept of Elements of Success.

Creative Agenda:

  • Water Element (Innovation): Santiago – Farellones | Lawn – Snowland
  • Element Earth (Partnership): Santiago – Dinner at Viña Undurraga | Gramado – Bus Tour
  • Fogo Element (Delivery): night to celebrate the winners, Santiago – View | Lawn – Caza Wilfrido
  • Element Air (Client): Plenary moment to share the news and strategies of 2020
  • 4 Elements – the winners were divided into working groups for the realization of Canvas


The communication and interaction between the client, Imaginadora and other suppliers was key for all activities to flow smoothly. The client’s goal was achieved, which was to reinforce the key messages of the sales campaign, as well as to present the winners with a journey full of moments of fun, contemplation and content.

The winners were surprised in every experience of this Incentive that will be forever in memory!

Gramado Jantar Fogo Caza Wilfrido
Gramado Plenária Ar
Grupo de Trabalho Canvas
Santiago Jantar Show de Prêmios
Santiago Jantar Terra Parceria Viña Undurraga
Santiago Plenaria Ar
03 Dec 2018