Event Inside Look SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment


SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment has the challenge to increase sales and brand awareness. The company needs to reinforce their real mission of offering meaningful and entertaining experiences that inspire guests to act and help to protect the planet.


Train the travel agents that are in the sales front to solve questions from the travelers.
Engage the audience about company’s true mission
Generate allies to share company’s message
Increase ticket sales


Travel agents – company’s main sales channel
Tour operators
Partners in the tourism industry


Our idea was to arouse interest of the travel agents not just about the products and news information ont the parks, but also about the message that the company wants to reinforce: the great work with the animals for conservation.
The concept of the event was created to enchant and engage with the audience. Beginning with the venue: we chose a concert hall, so the content would be presented with high impact. We could not miss a brief institutional presentation on the company’s products and new attractions to give some sales argument to the travel professionals. Then, we presented a talk show with a biologist influencer and a park’s veterinarian. This format was chosen to present the content in a dynamic way and also because they have scientific knowledge and identification with the audience. To wrap up the presentations, we invited a professional speaker to talk about entrepreneurship, sales and motivation. This way, we closed the event with excitement.


High engagement with the audience on social media during and after the event – tracked by tags and hashtags.

Gramado Jantar Fogo Caza Wilfrido
Gramado Jantar Fogo Caza Wilfrido
03 Dec 2018