SeaWorld Parks

SeaWorld Parks needs to increase the exposure of Florida Parks to the End Consumer, aiming to boost ticket sales for the summer of 2019/2019, in a competitive segment competing with the largest players in the global entertainment industry. Market conditions are adverse given that it is a period of slow recovery of the economy emerging from recession and impacted by presidential elections. These factors pushed the exchange rate, devaluing the Real and consequently increasing the cost of international travel.

Creating a targeted media campaign to promote the parks and their latest attractions aimed at the Class A audience, this segment being less affected in periods of high exchange rates. The media plan drawn up for the campaign has been enhanced with video inserts, which value the attractions of the parks with inserts focused on Google Ads, digital banners and OH. This was SeaWorld Parks’ first experience with OH media, and the Elemídia network was selected as the main vehicle for 15-second plays, gyms, Pão de Açúcar supermarkets, malls, and high-end commercial and residential buildings.

In addition to the SeaWorld Parks campaign perform better in ROI and ROAS, SeaWorld Parks has increased its coverage and achieved relevant sales results. The company’s Brazilian website has obtained organic gains in spontaneous accesses.